Welcome to Spin Ipswich Bootcamp!

Our aim is simple - we want you to have the best bootcamp experience you've ever had!

Spin Ipswich Bootcamp is a great full body workout with various different exercises across a wide range of equipment as well as bodyweight work. That’s right... we will make you do some of those wonderful Burpees!

We don't do things half measures at Spin Ipswich... We've got a designated Bootcamp Arena! We have gone the extra mile to bring in some great equipment for great results! Tyre flips, battle ropes, box jumps, sand bags, boxing, tyre runs, sledgehammers... The list goes on! We might well add in a spin bike for good measure!


Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for your class and book in at our studio reception. Our bootcamp arena is situated outside so please ensure you wear some outdoor running trainers, wear a jacket/jumper if its cold or wet because we will carry on if its raining! Come rain, wind or shine, we keep on working! Please bring a drink. We do have a filtered water machine inside our studio if needed.

How To Book

Please ensure you have registered online JOIN HERE

Once registered, you will need to go to the "top up" tab to add some money onto your account.

Lastly, go to our "book" tab, select the correct day and scroll down to the Bootcamp class, click book and you’re done!