Spin One on One
...is the perfect way to work specifically to your own goals. This could be general fitness, training for a race/event, certain riding techniques you may find more challenging than others or even recovering from injury. We can pinpoint workouts and techniques to your liking and focus on pushing you on to exceed your goals to make you feel fitter, healthier and STRONGER!

You will have the studio to yourself working alongside the instructor for demonstration as well as the instructor working and walking around you to perfect your riding technique to ensure you ride with maximum power, maximum performance, but most importantly SAFE RIDING!

We will educate and help you gain more of an understanding on what Cardio Vascular fitness really does for our bodies and the HUGE benefits it has on our overall health. Indoor cycling is fantastic for massive improvements to our CV System, energy systems, strength, endurance, and gives you a great sense of achievement. Indoor cycling is also perfect if you are recovering from injury. With little impact on our bodies, especially our joints, this is a great way to regain strength and confidence to perform to the best of your ability.

Ready? Set... RIDE!

The following packages are available:

New Pricing Effective 2nd January 2019

  • 1 session - £14
    (1 session bring a friend: £13 each)
  • 2 sessions - £26
    (2 sessions bring a friend: £24 each)
  • 3 sessions - £36
    (3 sessions bring a friend: £32 each)
  • 4 sessions - £40
    (4 sessions bring a friend: £40 each)
  • 10 sessions - £90
    (10 sessions bring a friend: £90 each)

To book, please contact Luke via:

E-mail: info@spinipswich.co.uk
Telephone: 01473 216745
Facebook: @spinipswich