We are offering you...

a high intensity low impact workout with proven benefits. Our classes bring you a thrilling workout through our own unique freestyle riding for you to control. Our experienced instructors will work your entire body from head to toe, burn calories, tone muscles and drive you to achieving major health improvements to your cardiovascular fitness.

Our mission is to...

help improve your fitness and well-being through fun, energetic & educational workouts. With the right music, we’ll pedal through the pain and the sweat and ride together and burn some serious calories! We’ll have 80’s, 90’s 00’s, Hip-Hop, RnB, Garage, House, Disco, we’ll have it all! We’ll even have live music nights! Join in with our themed nights and let's turn the burn into fun!

Your convenience is important to us...

so we set out to make it as easy as possible. We will be running classes throughout the day from first thing in the morning to the evening, and all can be booked easily and quickly online. NO CONTRACTS, NO HASSLE! Our goal is to create a fitness community and together, support each other to lead a healthy, energetic and happier lifestyle.

Spin not for you?

Spin Ipswich also offers Pilates as an added extra just for you! Build up your strength, flexibility, grace, balance and endurance through our one hour classes. It's time to put yourself first, focus on you, body, mind and soul.


Pilates is a fusion of mind and body. You can work at your own level to gain core strength, a strong pain free back, flexibility, great posture, muscle tone and balance. Pilates tones by lengthening and not bulking your muscles, it detoxifies your blood, helps with digestion and makes you feel good mentally and physically. Pilates does not make you leave feeling tired and dishevelled like many workouts, instead you will leave with increased energy levels, a clear, focused, stress free mindset and a body that feels strong and in control having been through a stimulating workout using controlled and focused movements.